Family Credit? What is it and how it works?

A family loan is part of the family of traditional loans, such as personal loans or quick loans, which we generally request when we are in a delicate situation at a financial level, such as stopping having a fixed job and having that pay rent, unexpected expenses of a medical or school nature, among other situations that may occur throughout our lives.

Credits supernatural

Credits supernatural

Recently, these credits have obtained a supernatural reception, since the financial situation of the country in general, unemployment, fluctuations in the exchange rate, political uncertainty, among other things, raises doubts and problems in Mexican markets. The disadvantage of these credits is that if we are in a bad credit situation, that is, debts or bad credit bureau positioning, we will not be granted this loan.

Family loans have their similarities to personal loans, however their inequalities differentiate them abysmally. As for example, a family credit can be added to different family members in the same, and with the staff it is impossible since the responsibility and destination of the good apply only to the applicant, in addition to the family credit being requested Direct in the bank and personal loans can be acquired through private companies.

So what is the best option if I do not have a credit history or if I am in a credit bureau?

So what is the best option if I do not have a credit history or if I am in a credit bureau?

The best option is to use a personal loan from a private company such as CashMan that, through your personal loans, seeks to help you with the quick money you need for any situation. In just a few minutes they grant you between $ 1,000 pesos and $ 10,000 pesos to pay in a period that goes between 7 and 30 days.

These are granted by electronic transfer to persons of legal age, who meet the basic requirements, these are: persons over 18 years of age, reside in Mexico, have a debit account in a Mexican bank and current IFE / INE.

These types of personal loans are a quick and easy solution to your problems, without paperwork, without leaving home, from wherever you are, at any time. You only need to have access to the Internet, either by computer or from your cell phone, and in a few minutes your credit application will be sent.

I hope that with this post it has become clear the family credits and what is the best option if you do not meet the requirements of requesting a family credit

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